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mobile and cloud boost secure distributed computing

an early prototype of our technology demonstrates the benefits of a lean client-server architecture in the context of secure distributed computing.

as a benchmark, we looked at a traditional secure multiparty computation solution we had devised earlier. the setup included two Intel Xeon servers, each 8 cores, 2.6 GHz, 128 GB RAM, and 1 Gb/s networking via fast internet backbone between university hospitals in Munich and Berlin. its devops required two systems administrators and one expert programmer for several weeks.

by comparison, our early prototype ran on a Samsung Galaxy XCover 4, took 15 minutes to develop for a total of 9 lines of Python code, and executed a homomorphic encryption protocol via the public 4G mobile cell phone network, leveraging the server-side computing power of AWS Frankfurt.

the result was exact to machine precision and took 4.5 seconds to compute, compared to 1,229 seconds of the original solution (speedup 10^2 … 10^3).